The Scarborough Suite

Comfort on a smaller scale

When you want comfort with style but you’re on a restricted by size then the Scarborough Suite at $125-$ 135.00 per night is your perfect solution.

This room is more suited to people with not too much luggage or for a single person.  It is our smallest room which is still extremely comfortable but could be “cramped ” with two large suitcases and personal luggage but many of our guests love that cosy ambience. The Scarborough still has the classical provisions and comforts of all other rooms.

When you choose the Scarborough Suite you get:

        Comfortable Queen size  bed

An en-suite.

Complete privacy and

All the features that are standard at Torquay Terrace Bed and Breakfast.


       You simply won’t find better bed and breakfast accommodation at this price point anywhere else in Hervey Bay

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